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~Oh my hero.. so far away now...~

"Will I ever see your smile?"

*~The Opera House: Uniting -Mature- Fans~*
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All Members , Moderated
~Mission Statement~

This is a place for fans of the game Final Fantasy VI (6) to gather regardless of certain predilictions in the fandom. However this community also stresses tolerance for -all- pairings. Whether it is Edgar x Locke, Gau x Relm or hell, even Gogo x Umaro (to name a few pairings). You will not get flamed for your predilictions. (Unless of course you are a real asshat and insist that your pairing is the OTP of the fandom.. remember one person's junk is another person's treasure.) We support canon and non-canon. Yaoi, yuri -and- het. And we do like discussions that do not center around pairings in the fandom, in fact they are highly encouraged. This should be an intellectual community above all else.

So if you love Final Fantasy 6, raise your hand.

So if you love Final Fantasy 6, then what are you waiting for.. JOIN ALREADY! ^_^

And for future reference, your mods are:


We have the power to ban, but you know what.. I don't think we'll use it because.. well we are pretty sure that everyone that joins this community will be mature adults.


What is required? Open-mind. An insatiable thirst for Final Fantasy 6 and a willingness to impart your knowledge with everyone else. Fandom posting is great, fanart, fanfics or even leveling/boss fight tips. We like it all.


1.) Don't be an asshat. That should be self-explanatory. Just because you are a die-hard Edgar x Locke shipper (like me) or a die-hard Locke x Celes afficienado does not give you the right to force that particular pairing down other people's throat. It is Rude, it is Wrong and it has no place on this community. We are here for the -game-, peoples. -not- the parings.

Though a post saying, "Anyone like the pairing so-and-so" is alright, or even fan-squealing about a particular pairing. Remember it is -your- perogative to ignore posts that you do not feel apply to you. Your mods do it all the time on communities that they are apart of. Here it should be no problem.

2.) This is not a NC-17/PWP group. Pertinent pictures and postings of fictions and the whatnot can be posted to their relevant communities. Shonen-ai, Shoujo-ai and Non-explicit het is alright to post though, you will not be flamed for wAFFY girl x girl, boy x boy, boy x girl utter sap.

3.) Once again, don't be an asshat. ^_^ (I think that bears repeating)

4.) Have fun!


FF6 related

*to be announced*

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